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            HGNH International Asset Management (SG) Pte.Ltd. was found.

            Nanhua CSI Hangzhou Bay Area Index ETF was listed, which was the first permitted Bay Area ETF in domestic market. The fund size was over 0.5 billion RMB. On 22th Nov, Nanhua fund also issued another fund called Nanhua Value Qihang Pure bond, and the fund size is 1 billion and 85 million.

            Nanhua Futures won the first prize in SHFEX“insurance + futures”targeted poverty alleviation program, because of a “Insurance + Futures”program of Nature Rubber in Cangyuan counties of Yunnan province. On 11 Jun, "Hainan haijiao group" insurance "+" futures "agricultural innovation pilot" won the first prize of China futures industry association agricultural innovation pilot project.

            Nanhua Financial(UK)Co Limited had registered in FCA to provide commodity, derivatives, spot FX transaction, commodity options, derivatives options, securities and other business. on 25 Oct, Nanhua Financial(UK)Co Limited became the second member of LME.

            Nanhua Futures became the first Futures Company listed on SSE, issuing 70 million stocks and raising registered capital to 0.58 billion RMB.

            Nanhua Futures made contribution on social responsibilities through serving targeted poverty alleviation program and real economy. So far, the company had participated in 10 programs, and paid 35 million RMB premium to 42853 farmers. For example, “ insurance + futures”program in Hailun city is the biggest pilot one in the plan called Farmer Income Protection. The plan was carried out by DCE.
            The program provided insurance for 1.5295 million mu soybean planting area, which could produce 250,200 tons soybeans. There were 23164 farmers included in the program and 3889 of them were poor.

            Financial technology develops very fast. High speed system I was done, providing zero delay market. NHTD2 V. RDMA was also done and the software can give VIP clients faster experience.

            Shenghua Derivative platform of Nanhua Capital had registered in National Copyright Administration. Nanhua Private could was also on line. During the past year, the risk management system in spot trading and futures trading can control the whole process in risk management, capital, goods delivery and Futures potions.

            Nanhua financial (UK) Co., Ltd. was founded

            HGNH international Financial (Singapore) PTE. Ltd. obtained the trading membership & clearing membership of APEX and SGX

            Nanhua CSI Hangzhou Bay Area ETF was formally launched by Nanhua fund

            Nanhua International Financial (Singapore) PTE. LTD. Obtained CMS license from MAS and was permitted to conduct futures contracts and leveraged foreign exchange trading business

            Among the first batch of members of shanghai international energy exchange

            Officially obtained the qualification to carry out sales business for securities investment fund

            Established Nanhua public fund

            Heilongjiang HGNH Agricultural Industry Service Co., Ltd. was founded


            HGNH International Capital Co., Limited obtained Money Lenders License

            HGNH WEALTH MANAGEMENT LLC has been approved by NFA and registered as CPO and CTA

            NANHUA USA obtained the Clearing Membership of ICE US

            Customer equity of futures brokerage business exceeded 10 billion CNY

            The subsidiary, Zhejiang Nanhua Capital Management Co., Ltd. was formally selected to join the “Futures + Insurance” project operated by Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange and Dalian Commodity Exchange

            The company issued subordinated debt.

            Domestic customer equity and assets management business scale exceeded 10 billion CNY; Overseas customer equity exceeded 3 billion HKD.

            Among the first batch of companies approved to participate in stock option trading at the Shanghai Stock Exchange

            NANHUA FUTURES (HONGKONG) Co., Ltd. set up two subsidiaries: NAWAA FUTURES and NAWAA FINANCE.

            NANHUA USA LLC.obtained CME Active Clearing Membership, and became the first Chinese futures company which obtained DME Clearing Membership.

            Asset management business exceeded 5 billion CNY.

            The company got AA rating in the Classification and Rating of Futures Companies

            Nanhua USA LLC registered with NFA and obtained FCM qualification

            Overseas customer equity exceeded 20 billion HKD

            NANHUA Futures was approved to establish a subsidiary, conducting risk management business.

            Domestic customer equity exceeded 5 billion CNY; overseas customer equity exceeded 1 billion HKD

            The number of domestic and overseas customers exceeded 50 thousand

            NANHUA FUTURES (HONGKONG) Co., Ltd. set up three subsidiaries: NANHUA SECURITIES (HONGKONG) Co., Ltd., NANHUA FOREX (HONGKONG) Co., Ltd. and NANHUA USA LLC.

            NANHUA ASSET MANAGEMENT (HONGKONG) Co., Ltd. obtained the qualification of RQFII and the quota of 500 million CNY.

            he company was renamed as Nanhua Futures Co., Ltd., with registered capital of 510 million CNY.

            Obtained license to conduct asset management business.

            NANHUA FUTURES(HONG KONG)became member of CME

            NANHUA FUTURES obtained the license to conduct investment consulting business.

            NANHUA FUTURES(HONG KONG)established two subsidiaries: Nanhua Asset Management (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.,andNanhua Investment Advisory (Hong Kong) Co.,Ltd.

            NANHUA FUTURES(HONG KONG)became trading member of EUREX, LIFFE and SGX

            Company name was changed to NANHUA FUTURES Ltd.

            NANHUA FUTURES(HONG KONG) Co., Ltd. became trading member of Hong Kong Futures Exchange (HKFE) and clearing member of Hong Kong Clearing House (HKCC)

            Joined FIA as an official member of FIA Asia

            Established the Agricultural Products Research Center, Financial Research Center, Product Innovation Center

            Established eight more Business Departments in Harbin, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other places.

            Became the first batch of General Clearing Member of CFFEX

            Established the tenth Nanhua Futures Business Department——Wenzhou Business Department

            Number of domestic customers exceeded ten thousand

            Domestic customer equity exceeded 1 billion Yuan

            NANHUA FUTURES(HONG KONG)Co., Ltd. is founded

            Company name was changed to NANHUA FUTURES BROKERAGE Ltd.

            Launched the first commodity index in China - Nanhua Commodity Index.

            Established the Dalian, Beijing and Zhengzhou Business Departments

            Became the first futures company in China obtaining ISO9001:2000 Certificate (both domestic and international certified)

            Established the first research institution in China——Nanhua Research Institution

            Established the first Nanhua Futures Business Department ——Shanghai Century Avenue Business Department

            The establishment of ZHEJIANG NANHUA FUTURES BROKERAGE LLC was approved.